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The project developed on this site aims to break new grounds in the use made of MediaWiki by introducing a new type of wiki, addressing smaller, specific communities (e.g. universities, companies). We call this new type of wiki PeopleWiki.

The main difference between a PeopleWiki and common wikis is that community members are themselves a subject of the information contained on the wiki: more than a user page, they are (through their vitae, hobbies etc..) the subjects of a wiki page. Thus PeopleWiki are both "normal wikis" when they deal with concepts, history etc... and "special" when they deal with community members. Specific rules for regulating contributions and technical specifications are suggested.


These papers are distributed under the Creative Commons 2.5  licence


PeopleWiki papers :

·      Aux Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre 2008, les diapos au format Open Document et pdf,

·      La version espagnole (!) Hacer funcionar un wiki académico

·      "Mettre en oeuvre un wiki académique CentraleWiki, un PeopleWiki à Centrale Lille", « Questions de pédagogie dans l’enseignement supérieur » - Brest, juin 2008, lien sur ce site International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation (ICERI'08) Madrid (Spain)  "Building a wider learning community in higher education through the PeopleWiki approach", 17th, 18th and 19th of November, 2008, lien site

·      Présentation de CentraleWiki au CEFI – Comité d’Etudes sur les Formations d’Ingénieurs - Les écoles d’ingénieurs à l’heure du web 2.0, enjeux, opportunités, perspectives, 9 juillet 2010


First PeopleWiki papers:

3.      Version 1.13 april 6th 2007


PeopleWiki Wikimania 2007 poster:

                        Recommended: pdf version (beware 1Mb this a large A0 poster), png version (7 Mb)


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Amazing wiki site about "spurring wiki adoption": Wikipatterns

CentraleWiki connection here (intranet)


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